HIGH VISIBILITY: BSA maintains a high profile in the territory.

TERRITORIAL KNOWLEDGE: BSA represents over 300 years of direct sales experience calling into the western region that we cover in this territory.

CREDIBILITY: The reputation of all the Blake Sales team provide a high degree of credibility to the products we represent. We choose very carefully only those manufacturers and products that will enhance that image.

COMMITMENT: BSA is dedicated to success. Every effort that is needed to achieve that success will be given.

PROFESSIONALISM: We are a company of experienced people who believe in planning, designing programs, setting goals, and systematically implementing those plans to obtain those goals.

PERSONNEL: BSA currently has 6 infield sales people which is more than any other manufacturer's representative organization has covering the same territory as BSA. BSA also employs 3 inside people to assist and support the sales effort.

THE BSA DIFFERENCE: The last thing that makes BSA different is our work ethic, we are willing to pay the price for success. We do what we say we'll do, be where we say we'll be, we return all phone calls in a timely manner, and respond to the needs of our customers with an extreme sense of urgency.

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