1. To represent only manufacturers of quality swimming pool, spa & outdoor living products.

  2. To represent our manufacturers in a professional manner and create goodwill throughout the trade on their behalf.

  3. To sell products through swimming pool, spa & building supply wholesale distributors and to original equipment manufacturers.

  4. To practice the pull through marketing approach by selling to wholesale distributors, but work with the dealers, builders and service companies in the area to pull the manufacturers products through the distributor.

  5. To be actively involved in the local industry trade associations at APSP, IPSSA and UPA meetings.

  6. To actively establish warranty centers for our manufacturers to assure the service of our products.

  7. To create selling situations and teaching opportunities by conducting seminars and counter clinics throughout the territory on behalf of our manufacturers.

  8. To support our manufacturers at distributor open houses, BBQs and table top days.

  9. To attend all industry trade shows and exhibits in the territory on behalf of our manufacturers.

  10. Utilize direct mail, e-mail, telemarketing, plus make personal visits on a regular basis to communicate information and opportunities to our customers.

  11. To maintain a proper sales staff to accomplish our goals.

*Note(s) - In addition to this statement of commitment is our integrity to all that we deal with and both words are a part of our logo.

We also believe in upholding the APSP Manufacturers' Code of Honor, which was developed while Mike was chairman of the Manufacturers' Agents Council and is listed on the following page.